24-Day Challenge™ - Day 10 Already!!

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Carrie Marie, you do a Beautiful job & saved the day for my niece..!!!

Connie Aiken

24-Day Challenge™ - Day 10 Already!!

I can't believe it's already the end of Day 10 of the 24-Day Challenge!  This is flying by and I feel great!  I feel energized and since I'm eating every couple hours, I don't feel hungry.

I am excited to introduce some more variety of foods in my diet now on days 11-24!  One thing I'm really looking forward to are the Chocolate Mocha meal replacement shakes, which are AMAZING!

Since it's late, I'm going to make this short & sweet!  I wanted to quickly share how I organize my foods on the weekends to prepare for the week to make things easier, since my life is super hectic.

I grocery shop for all of the things that I'll need to eat for the week on my plan, along with some extras of things and my the food that my family will need for the week.  When I get home, I boil a dozen eggs and put them in a marked carton in the fridge.  Sometimes I even peel up to 4 of them and put 2 per bag right in the carton along with the others so that I can just grab & go!  I also cook up some chicken sprinkled with seasoning in a glass pan in the oven until cooked.  Then, once it's cooled off a little bit, I put a 2-3 strips each in baggies in the fridge.  I divvy up my fruit & nuts into small plastic containers and cut up veggies & put together salads in a little bit larger plastic containers.

My organized container pile (minus the chicken & eggs) looks a bit like this:


I have found that since I have been doing this challenge, not only have I been eating healthier, but so has my whole family!  The kids love it that they can easily grab fruits & veggies to snack on or put in their lunch.  I am cooking healthier dinners consisting of lean protein & vegetables every night.  So, this is actually becoming a complete lifestyle change for all of us and it's wonderful!  I want my kids to grow up healthy and stay at healthy weights and not have to struggle with their weight as they get older.  This is helping them to begin that healthy lifestyle now as children so that when they're out there on their own, they will make smart decisions on the foods that they choose to order and buy for themselves!  Thank you AdvoCare!!