24-Day Challenge™ - Day 4

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Carrie Marie has been doing my hair since I was a little girl. In fact, it wasn't until I was in graduate school that I went to someone else due to me no longer living in the same state.

Carrie Marie not only is able to style and cut hair, which is a talent within itself, but she also creates elegant beautifully stylish up-dos for special occasions.

I have been extremely impressed with her work. I have been specifically amazed that my up-dos look just as full of life at the end of a night, after dancing and inevitably sweating, as it did when she first created it. Now that's nice! No more matted sweaty hair pictures :)

Carrie Marie's kind and upbeat attitude makes working with her always a pleasure. I now live in Oregon and wait to have my hair done until I visit the East Coast so that Carrie Marie can do it if that tells you anything. I would recommend her to anyone!

Sarah Schumacher

24-Day Challenge™ - Day 4

I'm in my 4th day of the challenge and feeling great!!  I have so much energy, am feeling good & not bloated, and never feel hungry...  plus I'm eating yummy food!  I am loving this!!

This is what my day consisted of...

Upon Awakening - Probiotic Restore & 2 cups of water


Breakfast - Fruit, Spark, & 2 cups of water

Today's choice of fruit was a cut-up nectarine and my Spark Flavor was Mango Strawberry!


Mid-Morning - Fruit, Eggs, & Oatmeal, and 2 cups of water

I mixed one packet of plain organic oatmeal with hot water, then cut up a banana on top.  On the side I had 2 cut up hard-boiled eggs with a dash of Italian seasoning & cayenne pepper!


Lunch - Salad with lean Protein, 2 OmegaPlex, and 2 cups of water

I had a salad that consisted of romaine & iceberg lettuce, carrots, pea pods, red cabbage, radishes, chicken, & Italian seasoning.


Mid-Afternoon - Rice Cakes with Natural Peanut Butter, Spark, & 2 cups of water


Dinner - Lean Protein (Chicken) with lightly cooked mixed veggies, & 2 cups of water


Tips & Tricks

Some things that I have found to be helpful so far and that others have also told me was helpful for them to do on the weekends:

  • Review the checklist and make a list of everything you'll need at the grocery store for you &/or your family for the week
  • Go grocery shopping for everything on your list so that you have it on hand & ready to go
  • Pre-cook some chicken &/or other lean protein meats, then package them in small containers or ziplock bags (I find it's easier to buy the chicken that's already cut small, sprinkle some seasoning on it, then pop it in a pan in the oven until cooked, then put two pieces per baggie/container to bring with me to lunch & the rest in larger containers for family dinners)
  • Boil a dozen eggs & put in fridge (You can even peel the eggs and put 2-3 in baggies or containers in the fridge)
  • Cut up any larger veggies and pop them in baggies or containers so that they're ready to grab & go


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