24-Day Challenge™ - Day 1

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Carrie Marie did 8 up-do's between 9am and 3pm for my sister's bridal party. She did a beautiful job on everyone of them. We even got to stay in the comfort of a hotel suite preparing for the big event. I would recommend Carrie Marie to anyone looking for up-do's for any event!!!

Kelly Toleman

24-Day Challenge™ - Day 1

Okay, so my first day of the challenge went great!  I had no problem with sticking with the checklist.  I did find that the app is not that great for tracking things, since it's set up differently than the checklist, which has been created for optimum results, but it is good to use as a resource for which types of foods fall into the different categories.


Since we had eaten all of the fruit in the house except for a couple apples & some frozen fruit, I had a fruit smoothie this morning for breakfast made with frozen raspberries, strawberries, & mangoes, mixed with a little water in the blender...  yum!  I even went out to dinner with my Honey to celebrate Valentines Day tonight and had a yummy grilled chicken salad with light Italian dressing!

In future posts I'll try to have some tips & tricks on things that I've learned to make sticking with the challenge easier.

Here are some pics that I took of my upon awakening Fiber Drink & glass of water, my breakfast fruit smoothie, Mango Strawberry Spark, and glass of water, and my dinner salad.  I didn't take pics of my other meals since I was on the road to & from church and the grocery store.  Now it's time for my Herbal Cleanse w/ water and some sleep! zzzzzzzZZZZZZ


Let me know if you have any questions about the challenge, or if you'd like to join a challenge group!


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