My 24-Day Challenge™ Pack Arrived!!

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Carrie Marie, you do a Beautiful job & saved the day for my niece..!!!

Connie Aiken

My 24-Day Challenge™ Pack Arrived!!

I'm so excited!  My 24-Day Challenge Packs arrived today!  I can't wait to begin my challenge tomorrow morning!  I have my daily checklist all color coded, my weekly to-go bag packed with all the essentials, and my food prepared & ready for the week!

IMG_8996.JPG IMG_8995.JPG

I plan to blog about my progress, along with Tips & Tricks of successfully getting through the 24-Day Challenge, so stay tuned for future updates.  I will begin tomorrow by taking my before weight, measurements, & photo so that I will be able to compare my weight, inches, & size when I'm done with the challenge.  I am installing the 24 Day Challenge App from the Apple App store to use along with my checklist as a guide.  For more information on the challenge and to join, click here!

I will also be wearing this nice bracelet that my friend gave me as a reminder to stay on track and stick to the challenge...



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