Super Bowl Party

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Carrie Marie did such a great job for our wedding. I was pleased with everybody's hair and what a stress-free day, knowing she came to our suite and we didn't need to go anywhere, everyone was together. Thank you so much again, Carrie Marie!

Sherri Seybolt

Super Bowl Party

So, since we finally have cable TV this year, which is something we've never had & never thought we could have where we live, we decided to have a little Super Bowl Party with friends.  I wanted to have fun with it, so I made some decorations, a homemade Patriots shirt, and cute & yummy food!

Since it was a little hectic that day, I forgot to take pics of most of it, but here's some of the little chocolate covered strawberry footballs and the cute Patriots mason jar mugs...

IMG_8934.JPG IMG_8935.JPGIMG_8936.JPGIMG_8967.JPG

To make the chocolate covered strawberry footballs, I melted some milk chocolate chips along with a tiny drizzle of coconut oil, heating for 15-20 seconds at a time then stirring.  Once the chocolate was fully melted, I dipped my clean strawberries into the chocolate and then set on waxed paper to cool & harden.  Then I melted a smaller amount of white chocolate chips in the same manner and put in a decorating sleeve with a small rounded tip on it and 'drew' on the laces, which is a bit tricky to get straight.  As you can tell, mine are a little weird looking, but still cute, and still yummy!

I also forgot to take a photo of everyone that was here until after Isabelle went to sleep and her friend, Taylor, went home.