Rockin' (or should I say 'steppin') Out!!

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Carrie Marie absolutely made my Adirondack mountains destination wedding a dream by showing up on location. She styled my hair and makeup, as well as all four bridesmaids and my mother. This was truly exceptional service! During our practice styling appointment she was willing to experiment with a 50's vintage look using false eyelashes and liquid eyeliner and did an exceptional job! She is talented, fast, professional and with modest, affordable rates. Highly recommended!!!

Elizabeth Gressel

Rockin' (or should I say 'steppin') Out!!

FitBitApp.pngI got my FitBit for Christmas and am loving every day of it! I also downloaded the app to my iPhone so that I can set goals and track my progress.

I was so excited when I not only passed my daily goal, but reached a whopping 18,000+ steps all in one day, and earned the Urban Boot badge! That was back on January 24th.


I then surpassed that on the 27th when I took 21,582 steps in a day! I also earned my High Tops badge of walking over 20,000 steps in a single day!



Do you also have a Fit Bit? If so, then connect with me!


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