Rockin' (or should I say 'steppin') Out!!

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Carrie Marie, you do a Beautiful job & saved the day for my niece..!!!

Connie Aiken

Rockin' (or should I say 'steppin') Out!!

FitBitApp.pngI got my FitBit for Christmas and am loving every day of it! I also downloaded the app to my iPhone so that I can set goals and track my progress.

I was so excited when I not only passed my daily goal, but reached a whopping 18,000+ steps all in one day, and earned the Urban Boot badge! That was back on January 24th.


I then surpassed that on the 27th when I took 21,582 steps in a day! I also earned my High Tops badge of walking over 20,000 steps in a single day!



Do you also have a Fit Bit? If so, then connect with me!


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