Curling Tips

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Kelly Toleman

Curling Tips

I curl my hair once or twice a week for a fun, different, pretty look, rather than just wear my hair straight or pulled back. I find it much easier to section my hair when curling.

First I start off with moussed, dry, brushed hair, then leave the bottom two inches of hair down and clip the rest up on top of my head.

Then, I mist hair spray on the hair that is down and part it in the middle and pull the two halves over each shoulder.

Depending on how tight I want the curls will depend on how large or small of chunks that I curl... the tighter the curl, the smaller the chunk of hair.

Once both halves of that bottom section are fully curled, I take down another couple inches of hair, clip the rest up, mist that hair with hair spray, then split in the middle & curl in chunks, as I did with the lower section.


I repeat that same process a couple more times until all of my hair is curled. I then tousle the curls around and break some up a bit with my fingers, and spray another mist of hairspray to give it extra holding power! :)